Visual Tour

Despite mechanisation, picking is still exclusively done by hand to protect the fruit. Once picked the fruit is transported to Goede Hoop Citrus (Pty) Ltd. where its first de-greened (if necessary), washed, treated and then coated with a layer of wax for aesthetic appeal and to prolong its shelf-life. The fruit is lastly sorted and inspected for quality, sized and finally packed into cartons for shipment.

Embracing the advantage of being a ‘Black Spot Free Area’ the citrus prepared and packed by the company, is exported to almost every country in the world. Goede Hoop Citrus (Pty) Ltd only uses leading and prominent exporters and packing is done in the format of the exporter’s choice. The citrus fruit is harvested all over the Olifants River Valley.

visual1The growers pick the fruit and deliver it to the packing facility in crates. visual2The creates are delivered to the Intake Inspection Centre
and random fruit samples are taken for analysis.
 visual3If necessary, the fruit is de-greened in these de-greening chambers.  visual4Before entering the packing plant, the fruit is washed and treated.
 visual5Quality control is done by hand and any fruit not suitable for export is removed for juicing.  visual6Here the fruit appears after receiving a protective wax coating.
The wax increases the general appeal and prolongs shelf life.
 visual7This machine sorts the delivered fruit according to size and colour. visual8Skilled workers pack individual cartons by hand.
 visual9The packed cartons are inspected by PPECB staff.  visual10Ready for export the packed fruit is placed on palettes for loading.